Your Own Survivor Series!


Hello, Beautiful!

The other day, I was listening to a podcast by Brendon Burchard and he was talking about relationships. One thing he said really caught my attention, and that was that we should all remember that our partner is a trauma survivor -- that each of us is in some way, a trauma survivor.

In the past couple of episodes, I've talked about Passion Assassins and how to counteract them. What Brendon shared about each of us being a survivor of trauma strikes me as being another way to counteract Passionate Assassins. Counteracting Passion Assassins is all about rewriting the stories that we have told ourselves based on our past mistakes, and creating a new internal identity.

Rather than feeling like you've been damaged or diminished in some way by the challenges that life has thrown at you (and by "diminished", I mean if it has made you feel smaller emotionally, mentally, spiritually), what if we could take those challenges and write a story based on us as a fighter, a...

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