Take Back Your Morning!

habits morning self-care Jul 03, 2021


It’s no secret that highly productive, successful people have morning routines.

When a client is struggling with any area of their life, one of the first things I have them look at is how they start their day.

It doesn’t seem like it would have that much of an impact on a person’s results, but the truth is that, when you’re talking about achieving a goal, it can absolutely be the difference between success and failure.

When I talk about a morning routine, I mean a set of habits that you design and carry out every morning, or at least most mornings, with the intention of directing your day the way you want it to go.

It’s about being intentional with your life.

You know that days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and months turn into years.

If you aren’t intentional about your days, those seemingly small segments of your life, it is all too easy for them to turn into years where you’re NOT making progress toward what you want,...

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