Youthful Trait #5 - Innovation


Staying vibrant and energetic is as much about your mindset as it is about the physical condition you’re in.

But have you ever stopped to think what EXACTLY it means to have an attitude or energy of youthfulness?

There are 7 characteristics of a Youthful Mindset. The more you can develop each of these characteristics, the more vibrant, energetic, fulfilled and happy you will feel.

In previous episodes, I’ve shared the first 4 traits and those are – Optimism, Curiosity, Openness and Creativity.

Today, I’m sharing trait #5, and that’s Innovation.

Innovation, in this sense, simply means that you’re consistently seeking new and better ways to do things. Innovation, combined with Optimism, is the key to every quality of life improvement we’ve ever had.

It’s been defined as the “successful exploitation of new ideas”.

It’s more than just coming up with the new idea; Innovation requires practical application of the idea.

So I...

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