Fashionably LATE and How It Applies to You!

hope inspiration Apr 29, 2021

Hello, Beautiful!

Today, I am sharing with you the meaning of Fashionably LATE and how it pertains to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest mom.

If you know the origin of the term Fashionably LATE, it was something that was done purposely. It was not an accident that someone showed up Fashionably LATE. They did it on purpose in order to stage a grand entrance. The term was originated a couple of centuries ago in the London high season, where there were parties and balls going on all the time and to show up Fashionably LATE was actually the right thing to do.

How does this pertain to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest Mom? I want you to think in terms of showing up Fashionably LATE for your goals.

The ones that you set aside while you were busy, raising your family. You know the goals I'm talking about -- the things that you thought you were going to do when you just got started out as an adult.  You had ideas in mind, you had things that you wanted to accomplish...

and millions of...

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It All Starts With Belief

 After I published my first book, I realized that I wasn't the only one who struggled with a loss of self as a wife and mom.

Have you heard that saying "She's fragile, not like a flower, but like a bomb"? 


That first book exploded out of me onto the page so FAST. Always in the back of my mind was the question of whether or not anyone else would "get it". But once I learned what had been keeping me stuck, it became an urgent MISSION to share what I had discovered.

And then came the feedback. So many women contacted me to say that they felt like I had written the book just for them. Many even felt that I had written the book ABOUT them, they resonated so deeply with my own experience.


That's when I realized that there was such a need for more conversation around this common milestone in women's lives.

I've dedicated the past decade or so to learning, and sharing what I've learned.

And any time I work with someone for the first time, the journey always...

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