Allow Your Light to Shine


Hello, and Welcome to Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed.

In the previous episode, I shared with you the first element in the breakdown of what Fashionably LATE means - the "L" is Living with Passion and Purpose.

In this episode, we are covering the "A", which is Allowing Your Light to Shine.

Let's face it, over the last few years, as you've been raising your kids, the spotlight of your attention, and your focus has been squarely locked onto your children.

You have poured every ounce of energy and focus and resource that you have into making sure that your kids have every possible opportunity available to them.

And in keeping the spotlight on them, it was only natural for you to be standing, metaphorically speaking, "backstage". You were cheering them on either from the front row or from backstage, but the spotlight of your attention and really your world during this crazy busy time of life is centered on raising your kids and making sure that your kids have everything that they need...

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Rediscover your own genius

authenticity dreams genius Apr 07, 2021

My mission is NOT to teach women that success is easy, or obvious, or without risk… I would never.

My mission is to help women rediscover their own genius after realizing that they've lost a little of themselves along the way while they were raising their family and building their career.

I want to change the world by helping midlife women REVIVE their dreams, rather than resign themselves to the thought that it's too late for them to have an impact or to make an income doing what they love.

I help women just like you go from feeling "Where the hell did I go?" to "Welcome back, Gorgeous!"... by helping them remember who they're meant to be.

I help them go from feeling like they missed out on the party of life, to showing up Fashionably Late (which is much better anyway).


This is super important to me because I know firsthand what that struggle is like. To realize that a couple of decades have passed and you somehow never got around to writing that book, or...

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