The Beauty of the Ripple Effect

Uncategorized May 28, 2021

Welcome to Episode 15 of Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed.

I love the metaphor of the ripple effect. I love how it helps illustrate that our own life matters so much to everyone around us and even people that we don't know. You've probably seen the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" where a man is given the gift of seeing what the world would have been like if he had never lived. An angel shows him basically the ripple effect that he has had on the world - everything from impacting his dearest family members to strangers whose lives would have been lost, if he hadn't saved his own brother's life when they were children. The ripple effect that each of us has is so profound. And that movie illustrates it really well.

Have you considered the ripple effect that your life is having? Have you thought about how your life is impacting everyone around you, from people who are in your close-knit, tight family circle, and then spreading outward from there? Have you considered how you are having an...

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4 Mindsets for Reinvention

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

Welcome to Episode 14 of Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed.

Today, we're talking about the four mindsets that you must adopt in order to make any kind of transformation or re-invention in your life.

In my work, there are four mindsets that I have discovered have to be adopted before anyone is going to transform their life in any meaningful or sustainable way. And they just so happen to be the four mindsets that challenge us the most in our lives. They are mindsets that we often lose faith in.

They are:

- I am Worthy

- I am Brilliant

- I am Capable

- I am In Charge

So let's break them down one at a time:

Mindset #1 - I Am Worthy.

In order to make any kind of transformation in your life, you first have to believe that you are deserving of it. If you struggle with feelings of unworthiness, you will keep yourself from achieving what it is that you feel that you want. So the idea of worthiness means that you do not have to DO, HAVE, or BE anything else other than who you truly are in...

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Express Your Gifts in Meaningful Ways to Serve Others

courage purpose service May 17, 2021

Hello, and Welcome Back to Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed.

Today, I am sharing Part 4 of the 4-part series on what it means to be Fashionably LATE.

In the previous three episodes, I shared...

L - Living with Passion and Purpose,

A - Allowing Your Light to Shine,

T - Taking the Reins of Your Own Destiny.

Today we're talking about the E, which is Expressing Your Gifts in Meaningful Ways to Serve Others.

There are 4 components of this last one and each one of the components is vital:

Express - an outward action.

Gifts - things that you love to do, things that you're good at, things that you lose track of time when you're doing them, because they bring you so much joy.

Meaningful - something that is intentional for you. Something that speaks to your heart or to your soul's calling. It is something that serves a purpose for you.

Serve Others - how are others benefiting from it?

So let's break these down into a little bit more detail one at a time.

Express: It is now time for you at...

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Take the Reins of Your Own Destiny


Welcome to Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed!

In this episode, I'm continuing the four-part series where I'm breaking down what Fashionably LATE means. The "L" stands for Living with Passion and Purpose. The "A" stands for Allowing Your Light to Shine. Those were the two previous episodes.

In this episode, I'm talking about the "T", which is... Taking the Reins of Your Own Destiny.

This element of Fashionably LATE is probably the trickiest one of all, and I'll be honest - This is one that really can make people angry when I talk about it.

So I want to be super clear about what I mean by Taking the Reins of Your Own Destiny. It means that you are taking full responsibility - 100% - for every result that you get in your life.

When you first hear that, it may make you angry. It may make you bristle a little bit. And I totally get it, because I was the exact same way when I first heard this.

When I first started my personal and professional transformation journey, I was riddled with...

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Allow Your Light to Shine


Hello, and Welcome to Fashionably LATE with Danne Reed.

In the previous episode, I shared with you the first element in the breakdown of what Fashionably LATE means - the "L" is Living with Passion and Purpose.

In this episode, we are covering the "A", which is Allowing Your Light to Shine.

Let's face it, over the last few years, as you've been raising your kids, the spotlight of your attention, and your focus has been squarely locked onto your children.

You have poured every ounce of energy and focus and resource that you have into making sure that your kids have every possible opportunity available to them.

And in keeping the spotlight on them, it was only natural for you to be standing, metaphorically speaking, "backstage". You were cheering them on either from the front row or from backstage, but the spotlight of your attention and really your world during this crazy busy time of life is centered on raising your kids and making sure that your kids have everything that they need...

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Live with Passion & Purpose

Uncategorized May 03, 2021

Hello, Gorgeous!

In the last episode, I shared a high level overview of what Fashionably LATE means as it pertains to you and your approaching empty nest years. In this episode, I am going to break it down into a little more detail.

In this episode, and the next three, I'm going to share the 4 individual elements of Fashionably LATE. This first one is the "L" and it stands for - Living with Passion and Purpose.

And that is the point that you'll get to as you really embrace the Fashionably LATE ideology and lifestyle.

So to start, I want to ask you two questions:

1. Do you feel like your life is currently full of passion?
2. Do you have crystal clarity on your purpose or mission for the next five to 10 years of your life?

Let's talk about passion first. Do you feel passion on a regular basis? And by passion, I'm not just talking about your sex life, though that's certainly a part of it. Let's take, for example:

- Your work. Are you passionate about the work that you do? Does it bring...

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Fashionably LATE and How It Applies to You!

hope inspiration Apr 29, 2021

Hello, Beautiful!

Today, I am sharing with you the meaning of Fashionably LATE and how it pertains to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest mom.

If you know the origin of the term Fashionably LATE, it was something that was done purposely. It was not an accident that someone showed up Fashionably LATE. They did it on purpose in order to stage a grand entrance. The term was originated a couple of centuries ago in the London high season, where there were parties and balls going on all the time and to show up Fashionably LATE was actually the right thing to do.

How does this pertain to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest Mom? I want you to think in terms of showing up Fashionably LATE for your goals.

The ones that you set aside while you were busy, raising your family. You know the goals I'm talking about -- the things that you thought you were going to do when you just got started out as an adult.  You had ideas in mind, you had things that you wanted to accomplish...

and millions of...

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Rediscover your own genius

authenticity dreams genius Apr 07, 2021

My mission is NOT to teach women that success is easy, or obvious, or without risk… I would never.

My mission is to help women rediscover their own genius after realizing that they've lost a little of themselves along the way while they were raising their family and building their career.

I want to change the world by helping midlife women REVIVE their dreams, rather than resign themselves to the thought that it's too late for them to have an impact or to make an income doing what they love.

I help women just like you go from feeling "Where the hell did I go?" to "Welcome back, Gorgeous!"... by helping them remember who they're meant to be.

I help them go from feeling like they missed out on the party of life, to showing up Fashionably Late (which is much better anyway).


This is super important to me because I know firsthand what that struggle is like. To realize that a couple of decades have passed and you somehow never got around to writing that book, or...

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She finally got back to her art!

destiny dreams fulfillment Mar 31, 2021

CJ is a 56-year-old single mother of three now-grown young men. She was a natural-born artist and created beautiful, touching, adorable sketches from a very young age. In her 20's, she even wrote a charming story about some of the characters that she created.

But she got busy with life -- raising her kids, working full time, doing all the things that responsible adults do with their time.

And her art got put "on a shelf".


Believing that her art was a frivolous pastime, a luxury she didn't think she could afford, CJ ignored her soul's calling and didn't pursue her passion around her art for many, many years.

Eventually, she found herself at a place where she was struggling to find joy in her everyday existence.

And then a life-threatening health incident caused her to question the direction her life was heading.

I shared with CJ what I had learned -- that the parts of us we hide away from the world are the very things we need to revive in order to regain that strong...

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What's Your Legacy for Your Kids?

dreams legacy self-care Mar 24, 2021

About 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey of discovery that would alter the course of my life in ways that are still unfolding.


Prior to that, I was living the life of any other crazy-busy mom, doing all the things, and rarely having a moment to think (or even think about thinking).

Me Time? What the hell is that!?!

The funny thing is, I was so busy every. dang. day, that I didn't have time to stop and reflect on ALL the days that were passing while I was raising the kids, feeding them and taxiing them around town, working and building a business with my husband, and let's don't forget the laundry, dishes and housework, and the occasional dinner out with friends.

But a car accident and the resulting several months of introspection, followed by a ridiculous, but pivotal argument with my husband, finally shook me loose from my day-to-day "grind" and made me realize that time was passing without my notice of it.

You know that saying, "Life is what happens while you're...

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