The Entrepreneur in You!

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2021
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The Entrepreneur in You!

When a soon-to-be or empty-nest mom decides it’s a great time for her to reinvent or to revive her dreams, she usually finds passion, purpose and fun in one of 4 ways.

She revives her dreams of being…

  • An artist
  • A champion
  • An entrepreneur, or
  • An adventurer

And sometimes, all of the above.

Today, I’m sharing the Entrepreneur model of Reinvention.

The Entrepreneur model of reinvention, at its core, is about freedom and innovation.

It's about creating a product or service that solves a problem for and/or brings joy to others, while simultaneously solving a problem and/or bringing joy to you.

If this is you, there may be any number of reasons why you want to start or own your own business…

Some goals are based on things you DON’T like, and DON’T want in your life any longer. Like, You may want to get away from…

  • Terrible bosses or draining co-worker situations (in other words, an unappreciative or demoralizing company culture)
  • Punching a clock (feeling like your time isn’t your own)
  • A salary ceiling (and the knowledge that your pay increases will barely keep up with inflation)
  • Work that doesn’t excite you
  • The feeling that your talents are being wasted

Or, on the flipside, some goals are based on things you want to bring INTO your life, things that you want to move towards…

  • Like, Bringing an innovative idea to life (maybe you have an idea for a product or service that would better serve people or better solve a problem)
  • Or maybe you want to create your OWN company culture (like, BEING the leader you always wanted)
  • Maybe you’re looking for the freedom of owning your time (while business ownership usually demands more of your time than being an employee, you’d gladly give up the 9-5, Monday through Friday to have the freedom to choose)
  • Maybe it’s the idea that, as an owner, the upside of your income potential is limitless, rather than your pay being capped as an employee

No matter what your reasons are, you feel it deep down that you could be successful at business ownership.

Maybe you’ve thought about…

  • Becoming a coach or consultant, teaching other people what you’ve learned over the years
  • Or, developing a unique beauty or household product that fills a need that’s not being met in the marketplace
  • Or you have an app or software idea that you want to develop
  • Or perhaps you want to open a café or coffee shop
  • Maybe you have a great idea for a spa
  • Or maybe you want to get into real estate, as a landlord or a developer
  • Or perhaps you want to become a caterer or event planner

You may have held yourself back from pursuing these dreams because you didn’t have time or you weren’t in a position to take that kind of risk with your time or money.

But now that the kids are growing up, you have an opportunity, and frankly, an obligation to yourself, to explore those entrepreneurial dreams.

No matter what type of business that speaks to your heart, that voice that’s calling your attention to it is a powerful part of You.

Ignoring that voice is often the cause of that nagging feeling that something is missing.

That small voice or that yearning to create something from nothing means that you were MEANT for it.

When our kids are little, they consume all of our focus, our time and our energy.

But when they grow up a little and become more self-sufficient, we have more mental bandwidth to listen to that voice, the one that’s urging you toward the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Whatever it is that whispers to you, it’s time to pay attention.

That IS your spirit giving you a wink.

That is your true self trying to get your attention.

That is your innovative, entrepreneurial nature trying to nudge you into action.

It’s time to renew that innovator, that problem-solver within you.

It’s time to bring that Entrepreneur in you back to life!

So here’s a practical tip for you…

  1. Grab a journal or piece of paper and fill in the blank on this statement 5 times… “If I were to honor the Entrepreneur that is in me, I would…
  2. Write the first 5 things that come to mind. They might be small things like, “Do 15 minutes of research on how to develop an app”, Or they might be big things like, “create a business proposal for opening my cafe.”
  3. Whether big or small, give yourself the gift of taking one action within the next 7 days to bring that dream to life.

For a little inspiration, think of a time in your life when you came up with a creative or innovative new idea to solve a problem. Think of how it made you feel, how it boosted your confidence in your abilities and your contribution.

One of my first entrepreneurial endeavors was hosting a huge Halloween party when I was 16. From nothing at all, I created an experience for hundreds of people that I received compliments on for years afterwards. While I only netted a couple hundred dollars financially, the confidence boost I got from coordinating and organizing an event of that magnitude was priceless. It felt like coming home, like I was MEANT to do it.

As an Entrepreneurial spirit, you probably have similar instances in your past that are still influencing you, to this day, urging you to create again.

If you’re drawn to the idea of creating or owning a business, it’s time to take action!

If the Entrepreneur is your truly in your nature, that small voice won’t be going away. It’ll only get louder the more you ignore it.

The world needs your brilliant ideas. It’s time to honor and celebrate the Entrepreneur in YOU.


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