The Champion in You!

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2021
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The Champion in You!

When a soon-to-be or empty-nest mom decides it’s a great time for her to reinvent or to revive her dreams, she usually finds passion, purpose and fun in one of 4 ways.

She revives her dreams of being…

  • An artist
  • A champion
  • An entrepreneur, or
  • An adventurer

And sometimes, all of the above.

Today, I’m sharing the Champion model of Reinvention.

The Champion model of reinvention, at its core, is about compassion, service and problem-solving.

Its about championing a cause outside of yourself, about helping others get what they want and need.

If this is you, you have a burning desire to give back, and a yearning to fix the problems that you notice.

You want to use some of those skills you’ve gained over the years to give other people a hand up.

  • Maybe you’ve thought about…
  • Volunteering as a softball or volleyball coach
  • Getting involved in the youth group at your church
  • Starting a foundation or community service center
  • Traveling for mission work, like building schools or orphanages
  • Teaching classes at your local community college
  • Or maybe you have grandkids that you want to spend time with and share your knowledge with
  • Or maybe you’ve seen a cause that speaks to you, like Habitat for Humanity or Toys for Tots or Big Brothers / Big Sisters

You may have watched these things from afar because you didn’t have time to do them, or you may have squeezed in an hour here and there to help out as much as you were able.

But now that the kids are growing up, you have an opportunity to get involved in a bigger way, to make a bigger difference in your community to have a bigger impact on the world outside your front door.

No matter what the cause or the need that speaks to your heart, that voice that’s calling your attention to it is a powerful part of You.

Ignoring that voice can cause that nagging feeling that something is missing.

The problems that you tend to notice are getting your attention for a reason. Often that reason is that you were MEANT to do something about it.

When our kids are little, they consume all of our focus, our time and our energy.

But when they grow up a little and become more self-sufficient, we have more mental bandwidth to notice things that we didn’t before.

Pay attention to what you notice, either in a negative or a positive way...

In a negative way…

  • What do you see happening that breaks your heart?
  • What do you notice that makes you angry or frustrates you?

In a positive way…

  • What gives you goosebumps?
  • What excites you when you think about helping fix it?

Is it…

  • Seeing your single-parent neighbor struggle to make ends meet?
  • Mentoring a young adult in your industry? Maybe if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your work, you’d gain purpose again by teaching what you know to someone else who’s just getting started.
  • Or maybe it disturbs you greatly knowing there are children in Kenya without a home or without the opportunity to attend school?
  • Maybe you see the need for youth soccer coaches in your community?

Whatever it is that whispers to you, it’s time to pay attention.

That IS your spirit giving you a wink.

That is your true self trying to get your attention.

That is your compassionate, protective nature trying to nudge you into action, to do something about it.

It’s time to renew that problem-solver within you.

It’s time to bring that Champion in you back to life!

So here’s a practical tip for you…

  1. Grab a journal or piece of paper and fill in the blank on this statement 5 times… “If I were to honor the Champion that is in me, I would…"
  2. Write the first 5 things that come to mind. They might be quick things like, “Bringing a meal to your home-bound elderly neighbor” Or big projects like, “start a foundation to teach kids life skills.” 
  3. Whether big or small, give yourself the gift of taking one action within the next 7 days to bring that dream to life.

For a little inspiration, think of a time in your life when someone unexpectedly did something kind for you. Think of how it made you feel, how it restored your faith in people and made you feel cared for.

I remember a time when I was a single parent and out of the blue, a friend offered to watch my son for me so I could relax for a day. I’m sure she didn’t give it that much thought at the time, but she was being a Champion for me that day.

It probably seemed insignificant to her, but that kind of gift can mean the world to others.

There is a lot of pain and struggle in the world and we need Champions.

If you’re drawn to making a bigger difference, to having a greater impact, I applaud and appreciate you!

If you’re willing to move into action, into doing something about it, you have my utmost respect.

Having said that, if the Champion is your nature, the true rewards of this model of reinvention are not the accolades you might receive from others, but the internal fulfillment of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. It’s such a beautiful thing!

It’s time to honor and celebrate the Champion in YOU.

See you in the next episode!


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