Youthful Trait #2 - Curiosity


In an earlier blog post, I shared my framework for a Youthful Mindset. A youthful mindset will keep you feeling young and vibrant, no matter your age.

There are 7 characteristics of a Youthful Mindset, and in the next few episodes, I’m diving deeper into each of them, one trait at a time.

Today, we’re talking about Trait #2 of a youthful mindset – and that’s Curiosity.

Curiosity has gotten a bad rap – as in being “nosy”, or wanting to know things that don’t concern you.

Or even being dangerous… who hasn’t heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”?

But curiosity, in its truest sense, is healthy and vital to staying young at heart.

Think about it – Curiosity is a desire to learn, a desire to grow, to get answers to questions, or to figure out solutions to problems.

If you think of the alternative – a lack of desire to learn or grow – it’s easy to see how Curiosity fits perfectly with a youthful mindset.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.”

And we know that children, generally speaking, are curious beings. They want to know everything and they want to know it right now. I’m sure you remember the why? Why? Why? Phase of parenting, where an answer led immediately to the next question.

So curiosity is clearly a youthful way of looking at the world.

In essence, being curious means that we sense a gap between what we know and what we WANT to know.

Again, consider the opposite – a mindset of “I know everything I need to know. There is nothing else you can teach me.”

That is the thought of a mind that is no longer curious, no longer learning, no longer growing, and frankly, no longer connecting with others.

Danielle LaPorte said, “Your curiosity is your growth point. Always.”

I want you to think of curiosity as an arrow, which is directing you toward your dream life.

What arouses curiosity in you is a message or an indicator of a path you need to follow. There’s a reason you’re curious about it.

And that path may be a short one with a quick dead end. You may find the answer you were seeking and think, “Hm. Interesting.” And that may be it. My daughter does this a lot when she’s reading and comes across a word she doesn’t know. She looks it up, learns what it means and moves on.

Or that path MAY be just the beginning, like when a curiosity about real estate investing leads ultimately to a career in it.

But think of curiosity, not just in terms of learning about things, but in terms of learning about other people, and ultimately learning about yourself.

A healthy curiosity about other people can lead to forming new friendships and collaborations, as well as enhancing existing relationships. Think of the last time you were around someone who TRULY wanted to hear how you were doing, simply because they were interested in YOU.

Made you feel great, didn’t it?

Being genuinely curious about others is a gift you give to them. It says you care about them.

The idea of being curious about Yourself is a little harder to grasp, but it’s the ultimate in Youthful Mindset.

Being curious about yourself is vivacious and energetic way to live.

  • To wonder how you might form a new habit of meditating or journaling
  • To consider how you might get rid of Passion Assassins that are keeping you stuck or causing you to live small
  • To be willing to look at triggers, or things that set you off, and be curious about why they trigger you
  • To be curious about your own capabilities, like, “I wonder if I could be successful at launching my own business?”

Here are a couple of easy, practical ways to improve your curiosity…

  • The first one is to honor it. When you have a thought about how something works or what something means or why something is the way it is… FOLLOW THAT THREAD. Reward the curiosity by spending 5 minutes finding the answer. I believe that ignoring our curiosity is how most adults eventually lose it. So pay attention, and reward your curiosity with an answer.


  • The second way is to think of something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but haven’t learned yet. Have you been curious real estate investing, or competing in triathlons, or playing the piano. And sign up for ONE SINGLE CLASS. It can be in-person or an online course; it doesn’t matter. Just give yourself the gift of a single lesson in it.


Ultimately, curiosity is the foundation of every intentional goal that’s ever been accomplished. Curiosity is where your dream life begins, and honoring it will keep your mindset youthful enough to achieve it.


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