You and a Diamond Have Much in Common!


Diamonds are formed under intense pressure. So too, are we shaped and forged by "taking the heat", so to speak, of life's experiences. At our core, we're honed and strengthened by overcoming adversity and challenges.

An extraordinary, natural, somewhat violent phenomenon brings diamonds to the earth's surface where they can then be discovered and undergo the process to reveal the beauty inside. Think of your true, authentic self as that "diamond in the rough" fighting its way to the surface. There comes a time in our lives when we say, "Enough's enough". When we realize we're no longer willing to live by others' expectations and we experience a powerful desire to show up in the world as who we really are, regardless of what others will think or say. 

For me, and perhaps you can relate, this manifested in my early 40's, in the feeling that something was missing from my life, like I was partially invisible. As if, in a movie about my own life, I'd play a supporting role, rather than the leading lady. My journey of self-discovery began when I realized these feelings of insignificance were turning into resentment toward my loved ones.

A diamond's natural inherent beauty is revealed more fully through careful elimination of its rough edges, and then a painstaking process of cutting, polishing and finishing. As you undertake the work of becoming the best version of you, consider yourself a diamond worker, carefully eliminating what's no longer serving you and revealing your natural inner beauty. 

The desirable traits of a diamond are some of the same qualities that make you unique and beautiful:

- You're multi-faceted, with many valuable gifts and perspectives to share.

- Transparent - your best life is lived by being authentic and showing up as yourself.

- Radiant. As you polish and reveal your inner beauty, you become even more lovely, shining with confidence and happiness.

- Luminous - By embracing and celebrating You, that light of self-love shines THROUGH you, and reflects back to others THEIR own brilliance. Imagine for a moment the impact this has on your loved ones. Simply by you becoming more aware of and radiating your own value, THEY become more aware of and free to express their own.

Lastly, ancient civilizations believed diamonds were gifts from the gods and that they would bring health, wealth, and strength.

You are, without question, a gift to the world, and are deserving of all the health, wealth and happiness you can dream of!

It's your time to Shine!


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