Fashionably LATE and How It Applies to You!

hope inspiration Apr 29, 2021

Hello, Beautiful!

Today, I am sharing with you the meaning of Fashionably LATE and how it pertains to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest mom.

If you know the origin of the term Fashionably LATE, it was something that was done purposely. It was not an accident that someone showed up Fashionably LATE. They did it on purpose in order to stage a grand entrance. The term was originated a couple of centuries ago in the London high season, where there were parties and balls going on all the time and to show up Fashionably LATE was actually the right thing to do.

How does this pertain to you as a soon-to-be or empty nest Mom? I want you to think in terms of showing up Fashionably LATE for your goals.

The ones that you set aside while you were busy, raising your family. You know the goals I'm talking about -- the things that you thought you were going to do when you just got started out as an adult.  You had ideas in mind, you had things that you wanted to accomplish...

and millions of loads of laundry later, building your career, chasing after your kids, being consumed by the role of being a full-time mom... well it kind of forced you to set those dreams aside.

Now that the kids are getting a little bit older and a little more self-sufficient, you have more time to think about those things and to revive those dreams. So that's what I mean by Fashionably LATE. You didn't accidentally set those dreams aside. You did it on purpose, because you were lovingly and purposefully and intentionally setting those things aside while you focused on raising your family. And You wouldn't have it any other way, am I right?

I'm going to break it down for you into a little bit more detail, but first, let me ask you a question - 

As your kids are getting ready to go off to college and the whole world has opened up for them, do you feel a little bit invisible right now? Do you feel a little bit irrelevant or do you feel like your purpose is getting ready to walk out the door and go off to college?

I want you to think about that because it is really common at this stage in our life. When we've spent the last couple of decades pouring our hearts into raising our kids, that when they get a little bit more self-sufficient a little bit older, we have time to look around and think,

"Wait a minute, where did I go? What happened to that dream of being a published author or what happened to that dream of wanting to own my own business or what happened to that talent or that creative spirit that I always had? I was gonna go on adventures. What happened to those things and why haven't they happened yet? And do I still have time to do them?"

So my question again is - do you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to that fun, vibrant, exciting, confident conquer the world, young adult went?

I know I did shortly after turning 40. I had a rollover car accident that, in the months afterwards, really had me thinking about what had not yet happened in my life, the things that I had thought I was going to accomplish and, and why I hadn't accomplished them yet.

If you can relate to this at all, you actually have a choice to make. You can settle for what you have already created. You can call it a day at this point, if you want to...

...or you can dust off those dreams you had and show up Fashionably LATE for them.

Do you remember in your early 20's when you were just getting started and you were so excited about the future and what the possibilities were? That's how I want you to feel right now, as you are seeing your kids getting a little older and wondering what your next step in life is. I want this to be a time of excitement and renewal and revival for you. I want you to get back that vibrant, confident, fearless, possibility-oriented, sort of thinking that you had back then. I want you to feel like the whole world is once again your oyster.

Successfully raising your kids to adulthood is a huge milestone. And I want you to celebrate it. Like it's the beginning of a grand adventure for you as well. Your kids going off into the world to do amazing things should parallel how you're thinking about YOUR next step, YOUR next phase of life.

No matter what kind of dream you set aside back when you got so busy raising your kids, I want you to develop and embrace the idea, the belief that some form of it, no matter what it is, some form of it can be revived and experienced now, at this stage in your life.

Did you want to start a business, but felt like it was too risky while your kids were young? Did you want to pursue an artistic passion, but felt like you needed to get a "real job" so you didn't do it? Did you want to go on adventures, but spending the time and money always felt like you were taking something away from your family?

Well, now is your chance.

If you, in any way, take your cue from the entertainment or media industries, you've probably fallen into the trap of thinking that you hit your prime in your 20's or 30's, and that all that's left for you now is to feel less relevant, less healthy, less impactful, less wealthy, less everything good, right?

We're constantly surrounded by images and messages that youth is what our society values.

It's time to bust that paradigm.

There's evidence all around us that those things do not need to be true for you. You absolutely can become more relevant, more impactful, more influential, more healthy, more wealthy, especially now.

Here's what you've got going for you right now that you didn't have when you were in your 20's -

- You have a little more time to think about yourself and your future now that your kids are getting a little older.

- You have far more knowledge, experience and skills now than you did when you were younger. And they're skills that you can put to use now in pursuing your goals and dreams

- And you have, among other things, more knowledge of yourself. You may be a little bit out of touch with this because you've been so busy, making sure that everybody else has what they need, that you haven't really thought about what you want and what you need for a long time. I can totally relate to that. But when you take the time now to turn inward and really begin focusing on what you want and what you desire out of life, you'll realize that you know yourself so much better now than you did in your 20's. You're going to recognize that your values are more clear. You'll know what are the things that you will NOT do, and what are the things that you WILL do in order to pursue your goals.

Ultimately, Fashionably LATE means that as you approach your empty nest, you're going to use this time as a springboard into a more exciting, more fulfilling, more fun, more passionate, and purposeful life.

Welcome to the Fashionably LATE revolution!


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